Our scope of work starts from the land planning and functioning the use for each part of it based on a space program and a general function study prepared through several meetings with the owner, operator and project manager and throughout several items as follows:

  1. Overall project study regarding functions, zones, density of buildings and project users & operators.
  2. General project planning and zoning, function areas, circulation paths, accessibility points, project orientation and function distribution.
  3. Urban design for main and sub paths whenever needed so to facilitate the identity of each part of the project.
  4. Calculating building constrains for each piece of subdivision plot in the project based on the previous mentioned density and human privacy study.
  5. Landscaping concept based hardscape materials distribution and locations for softscape. (Vegetation design and irrigation plan to be applied by an agriculture specialist).
  6. General night illuminating plan for roads, paths, exterior facades lighting and nightscape plans. (Electrical networking and electrical loads to be calculated by an electromechanical specialist).
  7. Architectural designing for each building of the project as a part of the total main idea of the whole project, fulfilling the operator or the end user needs.
  8. Details and workshop drawings for various parts of the building to achieve the general idea of the architectural concept.
  9. Furniture lay-out for each space of the building achieving the exact function of the space as well as the ease of circulation between different spaces and within the same space.
  10. Interior lighting distribution concept in the different spaces.
  11. Interior designing for different inner spaces including:
    - Interior finishing materials patterns and colors.Furniture design.
    - Fabrics choice.
    - Curtain designs.
    - Lighting fixtures.
    - Artworks and artifacts.
    - Rugs and ground carpet.
    - Accessories.

Throughout the preceding items, as per the request of the owner, SR Design is ready to study the items influencing the concept to achieve the ultimate design fulfilling the required function of the project.



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